How to Make a Claim

We understand being involved in an incident or having your vehicle stolen can be a stressful experience. We are here to help you 24 hours a day.

What you must do

Step 1: Make sure everyone is safe.

Step 2: Try to prevent further loss or damage

You must do everything you reasonably can to prevent further loss, damage or liability (e.g. move your vehicle off the road and put on your hazard lights). we may provide cover for emergency repairs up to K3,000,000,00

Step 3: Report the incident to the authorities.

If someone is injured or has stolen, attempted to steal or maliciously damaged your vehicle, call the police immediately and record the time, date, report number and the name of the recording officer.

Step 4: Collect details of all drivers, passengers and witnesses.

You will need these when you call us. Make sure you have their full names, addresses and contact numbers. If another vehicle is involved, record its registration number and the driver’s insurance details. Do not admit fault to anyone.

Step 5: Contact us as soon as possible.

Make sure you have the details of the incident at hand to assist us with lodging your claim. If towing is required, we will help arrange the towing of your vehicle to one of our assessment centres or repair facilities, or another location nominated or agreed to by us (e.g. a repairer).

If you have caused damage to other people’s property

Tell us about any incident that has caused damage to other people’s property.. You must also immediately tell us about any demands made on you to pay compensation to others, any court actions or offers of settlement and send these to us. If you do not tell us about these and it results in further costs, you may have to pay those costs.